Shuttle From Orlando Hotels to Port Canaveral

Are you traveling to Orlando?

A great choice, because there are many fantastic locations to visit in this beautiful city. Disneyworld, Universal Studios and SeaWorld are all amazing destinations. However, you might have to run through your options twice before choosing public transport. This is because the transport alternatives are all expensive here.

For instance, renting a car is quite pricey in the city. Moreover, you might have to take care of additional charges for gas, parking and local taxes. Getting a taxi service is also expensive compared to other options. Here, the extra charges might be for toll and the driver’s tip, of course. You might also have to wait in long queues to get a service in the first place.

Port Canaveral is among the most happening and busiest cruise ports most travelers in Orlando head to. Port Canaveral is over 45 miles from the international airport. So, the natural question is how to get there.

What is the most suitable option for transport? The answer is a cruise shuttle. Why? A cruise shuttle would easily transport you across different Orlando locations at an affordable rate.

It is the most economical and convenient travel option from Orlando Hotels to Port Canaveral. Our cruise shuttle services are here to help. We at Port Canaveral Connection offer travel from Orlando Hotels with a Shuttle to Port Canaveral Cruises at the best rates. Our rates include $25 for a one-way Shuttle from Orlando Hotels to Port Canaveral. Whereas it would cost $50 for a round trip between the two places.

You can schedule your transportation ahead to ensure there is no confusion once you arrive. We offer daily services from the international airport to Port Canaveral and vice versa. You can also avail a shared shuttle service from Port Canaveral to Disney World and back by reaching out to us. We hope you have a memorable stay and travel experience at the City Beautiful!

It’s much simpler than it might seem to travel from Orlando to Port Canaveral than you think. Despite the long 45 miles it takes to travel to Port Canaveral from Orlando, there are numerous inexpensive options of Orlando Hotels with a Shuttle to Port Canaveral Cruises for getting there on time and with little difficulty.

The Orlando International Airport is where many families choose to rent a car and travel less than one hour to Port Canaveral. All major car rental companies provide car rentals at the airport and in the vicinity of Port Canaveral. The most flexible method of transportation to the port is to rent a car.

You can stop for food, souvenirs, or even a tourist attraction if you have a rental car. Numerous businesses, such as Port Canaveral Connection, offer transportation to the region along this heavily travelled route. But most people think renting a Shuttle from Orlando Hotels to Port Canaveral there is the best option. It offers much flexibility to get around before or after a cruise and is typically less expensive for groups of more than one. Most of the larger rental companies have offices strewn throughout Orlando & it’s tourist areas or is located in a garage directly across from the airport terminal. Check out below for all the cruise options that we offer.